very thin walls for basement room?


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very thin walls for basement room?

I'm looking to finish a basement room with the thinnest walls. In fact, we are considering not covering the concrete walls but, maybe painting them over. The room is 16 x 16' with exposed vertical pipes in one corner. We want to make it into a workout room, not so much a living area.Doing standard walls, with 1-2" insulation plus 2x3 stud walls, would shrink the room too much making it claustrophobic we feel.

Any good ideas for a very thin wall product, that would hide the concrete?

Electric wiring can be done the the wall surfaces, giving the room a more industrial look.
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To hide the concrete foundation you pretty much need a stud wall along the foundation wall. I've painted many basements that just had the foundation wall painted. A coat of primer and 1-2 coats of finish paint goes along ways toward dressing it up, not drywall type dressed up but paint will make it look nice and clean.
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Another thought ... applying fake brick/stone tiling to the concrete walls. This will give it a more finished look, while being thin ... likely 1" thick. Not sure what I'd need to do about a vapor barrier.
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Hopefully you don't have a water problem, but all (99%) basements have to deal with moisture vapor. Omitting the vapor barrier will allow that moisture to dry harmlessly to the inside. Covered with a VB or sealed with a moisture blocking paint will allow the moisture to accumulate until the level behind the VB matches the level in the soil outside.

Basements actually cost a lot to heat, even unintentionally. But most of that heat loss occurs through the above grade foundation and the rim area. If you at least air seal the house to foundation and properly insulate the rim you can reduce much of that energy cost without shrinking your room.

Building codes may apply to any type of remodel so check your local authority.

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The above grade portions are insulated well, including the areas around the sill plate

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