Basement support column condition?


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Basement support column condition?

Is there anything structurally wrong with this column? It is one of 4 -5 columns that support a central beam that run along the basement.

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Cracking and checking is fairly normal and occurs as the wood dries. It does not usually affect the load that a post can carry. But if the post is starting to expand, that would indicate a problem. If you have a flexible steel tape measure or a fabric tape measure, you can check the circumference at various intervals along the post in order to ensure that all the measurements are close to being the same.

The other item would be, is the bottom of the post anchored or otherwise restrained from movement? Permanent columns should be anchored or cemented in so that they are non-removable. It's also possible that there is a concealed anchor, like a peg (hidden from view) centered under the post.
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Those checks look to be nearing cracks. Why not just replace the wooden post with an inexpensive steel lally column?
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I agree with X, it doesn't look all that bad. Still, cw has a good point. You could wrap the steel column with burlap or even sisal rope and make it look like a tree trunk. Some palm fronds at the top and you have a tree in your rec-room.

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