interior basement drain installation


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interior basement drain installation

I have an old house with a basement the basement walls are solid pour. I have extended my gutters 15' away from my home and sloped the ground away from my house. however we get a really good rain every year in west tn and the basement will still get water in it from the bottom of the wall. I want to install a drain system on the interior. it looks like all the systems go against the wall on top of the footer. but, my footer on the low side is above the floor so it seems to me that i wont be able to put the waterguard on against the wall to collect wall water becouse the footer is above the floorline. any thoughts?
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The method you describe is like a leaky boat and you are adding a bilge pump. It doesn't do anything about the core problem but allows you to collect the symptom/water and drain or pump it away. It can work but you still have water coming into the basement which can prevent you from fully finishing the space. The best method is to install waterproofing and drainage outside the home to prevent the water from coming in in the first place. Sort of like fixing the leaks in a boat.

If you install the collection channels around the inside perimeter of your basement the next issue is getting the water out. You either need a drain that will allow gravity to do the work or you'll need to install a sump pit and pump. Another thing is the slope or lack of slope around the perimeter of your basement. The channel can contain the water but it may not move toward the drain so you could end up with a semi permanent wet canal around your basement.
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Perhaps it's a water table issue and not a drainage issue around your home. Regardless, I agree installing a drain tile with sump and water proofing from the exterior is the way to go.
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you probably have wtr leaking in between the bsmnt wall & top of footer,,, other'n than exterior excavation & waterproofing everything, the sub-floor system's the mose reliable,,, as posted, sump pit & pump are necessary,,, you may also want to google 'cove system' which's usually used on monopour basements ; ;
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becouse the footer is above the floorline.
Can you tell which side the water is coming from? You may not need drainage, waterproofing, etc on the entire perimeter to keep things dry.

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