Bermuda grass inside our house


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Bermuda grass inside our house

When we hire contractors to remover drywall down to the studs on an outer wall of our house, it is not uncommon to find what I assume is Bermuda grass growing inside the wall, 3 - 4 feet long tendrils among the studs behind the dry wall. Dead looking yellow tendrils.

It is a slab foundation house, about 60 years old.

The current contractor seemed very concerned when he found a lot of the grass tendrils? Others have not been concerned.

We have mulch between the grass and the house, and a small plastic boarder around the grass. The grass is a mixture of (I forget what) but not Bermuda...but of course I sometimes lose the battle of keeping Bermuda grass out of the lawn.

Is this a problem?
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It does show that there is a gap the grass can fit through. I've seen it many times on old houses and more than anything it simply shows a that nobody has been using a line trimmer along the foundation. The important thing is if they mentioned water damage or evidence of rodents.
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Thanks, there was water damage but it was up at the top, below the bathroom window, that's a problem....but can't blame it on Bermuda grass down at the foundation, and no rodents droppings or other sightings.

As I said there is mulch up to the foundation...but that stupid Bermuda grass obviously works it's way through, under the mulch.....should I put some herbicide along the outside along the edge, of the that works ha ha...I think weeds are becoming immune to that stuff!

should I dig along the foundation and pull any Bermuda grass I see? That sounds like fun....NOT.

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