simple attic flooring


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simple attic flooring

I am not very handy but i have started taking up a few home projects. I would like to add some basic flooring to my attic. I want to be able to use it for minor storage like christmas decorations but also want to be able to walk or crawl on it to maybe try a few projects. (home networking) i figure plywood is the cheapest easy way to go. is there a minimum thickness I should use? i was thinking 1/2 inch but i have no clue. also i read about osb for flooring in other threads. it that strong enough? to me it look like fancy partical board. i figure I may start with 4' x 8' sheets and cut them in 1/2 to get the pieces up there easier. i may also get a ryobi nail gun to tack he pieces down. can someone recommend what kind of wood I would need and any things I may consider that I'm not thinking of? thanks in advance.
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A few details you need to fill in.
1. What are the rafters made of? 2x4, 2x6, and are they trusses?
2. What is the spacing between trusses. 16" on center or 24" on center?
3. What is your climate zone? Can you give us a nearby big city.
4. What is currently in place for insulation, type and depth?
5. Any electrical wires in the area you are considering.

That's a start

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For light storage you can use 1/2 OSB and lay across the rafters, it's more than sufficient to support walking on so misc items will be fine!
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I took a look up in the attic again to get details. The beams look to be about 1.5 x 6 inches and about 22 inches apart. There is some electrical wiring along some beams and I can see coaxial wires from when comcast rewired my cable saying my wires interfered with the signal. A big sticking point may be the air duct tubes in the area where I want to string new ethernet cable. I should be able to work around it but it won't make it easy. Also that is toward the living area so there is pink insulation covered by a decent amount of blown in on top of that. I'm not sure if I can just put boards over that. Seems like some small challenges for me if I want to try this.
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If you compress the fiberglass insulation you will loose some of it' R values.

If the blown is insulation is the very light fluffy type the compressing it will loose almost all it's R value and unlike fiberglass it will not expand again over time unlike fiberglass.

You did not say what part of the country you are in so I cannot comment on how important the R value in your ceiling is.
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One sticking point... do you have trusses? Or is it stick built... (i.e. ridge board, rafters and ceiling joists with no webbing)? Reason I ask is that the advice I'm going to give would not apply if you have trusses, since it would likely add too much weight. The bottom chord of trusses are not usually designed for much of a load other than your ceiling drywall.

One thing that's often good to do, since you have blow in insulation and it sounds like a few obstructions too, is to frame a small platform on top of your existing attic joists.

For instance, let's say you just want a long 4" wide walkway down the center of the attic, and that you have 10" of blow in on top of the pink fiberglass in your joists. Push all the blow in aside, and place 2x10s, 24" on center, perpendicular to your joists, with a rim joist on either side. Nothing needs to be fastened to the joists... it's just sitting on top of them. Notch the bottom of the new platform joists over any romex, cable, etc. You can usually just frame up next to ductwork, because the floor sheathing is now above and will pass over it. Scoop all your blow in insulation back into your platform with a snow shovel. Then put your sheathing on.

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