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Obviously, I have a lot to learn from all of you.

I need to have a good defination of each of these terms or phase:

What is:
4)Vapor barrier
5)Poured concrete
7)Randon level
8)Below grade
10)Hanging ceiling
11)Drop ceiling
12)furring strips

That's all for today...
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1)Stud= Normaly a 2x4 running verticly from floor to ceiling. (in a wall) spaced 16" on center, though if its not a support wall you can run them 24" on center.

2)Boring= Will be back to see what the answer is for this one.

3)Bearing= as in load bearing? the weight of ceiling or house is distributed on these. technical def no clue.

4)Vapor barrier= keeps vapor from permeating your room. plastic or paper faced insulation.

5)Poured concrete= Concrete that is poured into a form.

6)Unfaced/faced= only seen this term with insulation, meaining one side of the insulation roll or bat has a paper face, or does not.

7)Randon level

8)Below grade= below ground level?

9)Sheetrock= made from crushed gypsum rock pressed between paper.

10)Hanging ceiling= hmmm...same as a drop ceiling??

11)Drop ceiling= If you work in an office, look up, that is a drop ceiling (more then likely). Hangs below the ceiling joists (2x12's) by wires usualy 2x2 or 2x4 panels.

12)furring strips= know what they are, but cant remember at this time, will be back to see if my minds eye is correct.

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You cannot simply define these terms out of context. They all have multiple meanings.

1)Stud - a male horse who has won his last race.

2)Boring - most graduation speeches. Also refers to drilling holes in wood.

3)Bearing - The metal that the crankshaft rides against. Also refers to a wall that supports the weight above it.

6)Unfaced - The guy from "The Man in the Iron Mask". Also refers to insulation without that brown paper on it.

7)Randon level - In thermodynamics, also called entropy, a measure of the state of randomness in the universe. But perhaps you mean "Radon level" which is the number of PPM of radon gas in your basement. The EPA says 4 is the highest safe level, although this is highly disputed.

8)Below grade - what you get if you don't do your homework. Also refers to below the level of the ground, as are most basements.

9)Sheetrock - A trademark of the US Gypsum company. Sometimes incorrectly used to refer to any brand of drywall or gypsum board.

10)Hanging ceiling - not generally used these days in favor of lethal injection of the ceiling.

11)Drop ceiling - why you should have rented that drywall lift instead of pumping beers into your brother-in-law.

12)furring strips - a bear rug after your son is done with his experiment. Also refers to 1" by 2" strips of pine that are nailed to the concrete wall, and to which paneling or drywall is attached.
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Very funny! Hanging ceiling!!! BWAAAHHAHAAAHAHAHH!!!

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