Attic Foam Insulation - After the Cure


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Attic Foam Insulation - After the Cure

I'm living in my parents house while getting it ready to sell. They both died in 2018 and I've been working trying to get this house taken care of and do all the things. They always maintainted it, had it vinyl sided, etc, but it's 110 years old so there are things that just happen bc it's old.
A year before my dad died, he had some company come in to insulate the attic. It had been partially insulated with the pink stuff years ago but not entirely. It's a full walk-up attic with a room built in with studs, drywall and a drop ceiling.
Whoever installed the foam insulation didn't explain to him that the room needed to be torn down, so when they came to blow in the foam, they also needed to tear down the room. They were, perturbed to put it mildly. Consequently, they weren't careful how they blew the foam in. The roof is heavily coated and looks like the inside of an igloo, and the walls as well. It's over-sprayed onto the floor everywhere and over electrical outlets and light fixtures(can you tell they were mad). The floors have random gobs as well as over-spray areas. I've removed as much as I can from the outlets and fixtures, and the bigger globs from the wood floor, but all the over-spray is impossible to remove. It's too fine to be scraped and it simply won't come off. The floors are that unsealed, unfinished wood, so trying to sand them would be impossible.
Last year I had to have a new roof put on due to leakage in the spring. The house is in the NE where we get severe winters and hot summers and rain and everything in between. The roofers found that the leaking had been going on for a few years prior but wasn't noticeable enough until that spring when it came pouring through the roof joist, through the attic floor, and into a spare bedroom.
The roofers replaced the roof, I removed all the damage inside and replaced all the drywall.
Everything seems fine, no leaks no issues with heat loss or anything. But I'm noticing a great deal of yellow powder in the attic now. It's like a fine dust that settles on everything. It wasn't doing this before the roof was put on.
I'm wondering if the dust is a yellow mold, or if it's just attic dust and foam insulation particles that got kicked around during the roof install. I do a thorough shop-vac cleaning of the attic twice a year and I haven't had this problem in the was just regular typical dust. Now that the roof has been replaced and it's way more energy efficient, the dust is an obvious shade of yellow...almost like yellow chalk. There's no spots of mold I can see anywhere. My problem though is with all the overspray on the floor, and the foam being a yellow color, I can't tell if the overspray is mixed with mold or if it's just foam bits.
Any advice or helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want to just sell this place and get on with my life.
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Sorry to hear about your folks...

The dust you are seeing is probably just insulation debris that shook off from the roofers being rough- throwing 75 lb bundles down on the roof and such. I doubt you would have any mold in there, I doubt that the insulation is a viable food source for mold growth.
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TY for your response! I was thinking that's the case, but I really needed to hear a sane grownup say it.haha
I've been very diligent about air quality and keeping the basement nice and dry as well, so I was hoping it was just from all the work. Yes, there was alot of stuff getting mucked about--they had to tear off 4 layers of roofing.
I think also, I hadn't done a heavy dust/vac/cleaning since the roof was installed bc I'd been on to other projects.
Knowing it's prob just dust is a huge sigh of relief.
Ty so much for your help!!
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