Baseboard or Furnace Heat?

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I've had two contrators estimate finishing my 25'x16' basement. It already has a slab floor and poured concrete walls. They suggest two different ways to heat the basement.

1) Extend from the current ductwork. He said it would allow air movement down in the basement and wouldn't tax the furnace since the space wasn't that large.

2) The other contractor said to use baseboard heat (probably 1 unit per wall). He went on to mention that I shouldn't extend the ductwork since the furnace is already there and has been matched up with my first and second floor. By having the furnace also heat the basement, I would have unknown problems with heating/cooling overall.

Which one is right?

I would like to extend the current ductwork so it could also cool the basement in the summer. Yeah, I know basements are generally cool to begin with...but a high-end tv, component stereo, dvd player, computers, halogen lights, and multiple people can put out a lot of heat).

One reason I'd like to avoid baseboard heat is because you can't put anything up against the wall where the heating unit is.

Maybe somebody can give me some unbiased and insightful information.

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I am no expert, but my basement is finished and they extended the ductwork (prior to me buying the house). I am doing some remodeling and we are going for the added baseboard heat since the room is cold in the winter.

I have even tried to damper off some of the heated air to force it into the basement room.

For what its worth, go for the baseboard on a thermostat.

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I doubt that your furnace will care about the extra 400 sq feet. If you have the literature, check it to see if there are any square foot limitations, but I doubt it. I don't like the baseboard heat. They take up wallspace and they're inefficient and expensive to operate. Maybe go with the furnace, but have the contractor leave a few wires in the walls just in case you want to add baseboard later.

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