Digging out a crawl space


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I recently bought a house that has a fairly shallow crawl space - just enough for me to crawl in. I would love to have a basement and have thought about having one dug out. Anyone got any ideas on this? I have read some posts that talk about the possibility of collapsing your house if you try to do this. I would plan on using professionals but would still like some feedback before contacting a contractor.

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Adding on to a house

It is much easier to expand up and out than it is downward. I would most definitely consult with a professional. Take into account that it is not nice to mess with Mother Nature as well as the expense and added value & return on your investment. It might be a lot simpler to go find a house with a basement already built.
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I checked in here to see if any postings regarding digging out crawlspaces had been posted, and here it is.
I too have been considering having my crawl space dug out. I'm not going to say it's a common practice here in northern Illinois, but I have heard of it from a few of my friends and have seen 2 being done (not close hand). From what I saw, a section of the foundation was opened up and it was dug out using a small frontloader such as a Bobcat.
I was wondering if any one out there has had this done and approximately how much it will cost. And Yes, Twelvepoles, it is probably eaiser to look for a house with a basement already done. Thing is we just purchased this home 3 years ago. We have a beautiful large lot and a nice area. This home is aproximately 25 years old and the value continues to climb because the area is developing rapidly and we are being surrounded by homes in the $250,000 to $400,000 range. I would like to have the basement as a workshop (woodworking). I'm looking to get this all ready so I'll have what I want when I retire a few years down the road.
I think this forum format is just the cat's meow! I've enjoyed it the short time I've been a member and everyone has been very helpful and informative.
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Digging out crawl space

My info is based on the experience of forum posts. Forum posts tend to recommend not to mess with Mother Nature when it comes to upsetting the apple cart on which your house rests. The issue is the foundation. if you do anything which risks the stability of the foundation of your home, then you may risk the stability of it. Please proceed with caution and get the advice of a professional.

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