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I recently bought a home that has a cedar shingle roof. A couple of people have commented that the roof needs to be "oiled". I have contacted a couple of sources, both who agree that it is in need of treatment, but I am getting vastly different opinions on what to use. The roof was put on only 3 or 4 years ago and it is in direct sun all day long. The shingles are an ashen grey color and do not bead water when it rains. I am in the middle of having the house painted and would like to put something on before the final coat goes on, but I don't want to be hasty at the expense of quality. Any suggestions?
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Unhappy Basement

I bought this home a year ago and have noticed a sweet, sickly smell in the basement since that time. You notice it as you walk down the stairs and in the living areas of the basement. I'm not sure what it could be. The carpet, or pad possibly? The basement is finished with carpet, an additional room with real wood paneling and two storage areas. There is a gas fireplace. I had the previous owner install a raydon exhaust system due excessive raydon (4.5) testing result. Any comments on what this "smell" could be is welcomed!
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Sweet odor in basement

Begin by having the gas fireplace inspected. Gas logs are noted for their peculiar odor.

Then, check the waste water lines. Since the odor is not like sewer, it is doubtful that the odor is coming from a sewer line. Washing machine and sink lines can produce a sweet odor because of soaps, detergents, and fabric softeners used. Run water in all the drains, including pouring some down the washer drain, and see if the odor disappears. If there is a problem that is causing a drain trap to be sucked dry, then you can be getting the gas from the drain back into the house. If the odor seems stronger in a particular area of the basement, then you may be on to the source of the odor. A good plumber should be able to help you locate and resolve the problem if the source of the odor is due to a problem with your waste lines. Make sure you occasionally pour water into basement floor drains to assure that there is water in the traps.

Carpet and pad on damp concrete in basements tend to produce a musty odor from mold/mildew beneath. This is not a sweet smell. It is possible that someone spilled scented candle oil or some other scented product into the carpet and pad and that could be the source of the odor. Perhaps a professional cleaning and deodorizing would eliminate any carpet odor problems.

After checking the gas logs, plumbing, and cleaning the carpet, if the smell remains then it is possible that your house is haunted. I have read that ghosts leave behind a sweet scent!!

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