Black Mold On Basement Wall

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Black Mold On Basement Wall

I resently found black mold on one of our basement walls. What can i use to get rid of the mold? I have heard it is very bad health risk!
Any advise is appreciated!
Thank you!
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mold on basement walls

Hello! We just went through & had to get rid of the same problem in our basement. What my husband did to radify the problem was to 1st use a rag or scrub brush dipped in bleach water from a bucket. He can't remember exactly how much bleach that he dummped into the bucket of water,but he said that you really don't need to add alot or else it ends up making you sick Then let the walls completely dry. He then bought a dehumidifier for the basement,that was mainly the whole problem,our basement was way to wet,therefore causing the mold to grow like crazy down there. After that he painted the walls a nice dark grey.

It now looks great!! I'd say to get yourself a dehumidifier asap

Hope that helps you a little.

Take care-Amy
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Thanks Amy! I was thinking of using bleach, but i'll have to wait untill it's extremely nice outside, i've got a child, bird, and dog, so i have to be careful.
It doesn't seem that we have any dampness in the basement, it's finished, but i found the mold on the wall behind the washer so its most likely a problem from washer water making it too wet in that area.
There's not a whole lot of it, thank GOD, but i know it's really bad health danger.
There was an article in the paper last month about a families house that was so full of it that theyer children were extremely sick for long periods of time and they had to move and leave all furnishings behind!!
Hope to GOD we never get to that point!
Glad yours is gone!
Good Day!
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Mold on basement wall

There is more moisture in the air in the area of the washer, and the area behind the washer is poorly ventilated. Disinfecting the affected area with bleach/water solution, installing a dehumidifier to reduce humidity, running a fan to improve ventilation should minimize the mold problems. If basement walls are not sealed, then a masonry sealer will help control moisture coming through cinder block or concrete walls. Make sure soil around foundation is sloped in such a way to carry excess water away from the foundation and that gutters and downspouts are clear and carrying water away from the foundation. This will keep water away from the foundation and reduce opportunities for there to be problems with moisture penetrating walls.
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I have a similar problem in my crawl space. I never thought of a dehumidfier.

From what I understand is you have to be careful because that mold can be toxic.

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