water in basement floor drain

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Question water in basement floor drain

We have a small drain hole in our basement floor approx. 4" round. I am not sure what it is for....maybe some sort of drainage, we do not have a sump pump. This is located near our washer & taps. Can anyone tell me what this might be for and should we be able to see water sitting in the drain?
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We had this same problem when we started our remodel. Our house is 80+ years old. In the basement we found two drains, both of which you could see a some water in the bottom. Turns out the drains are connected to an iron pipe under the basement floor, and it drained out to the city sewer. Unfortunatly, the pipe it connected to on the OUTSIDE was old clay pipe. It had collapsed about 10 feet out, and we had to dig it up and patch-in a PVC pipe to replace the collapsed part.

I don't mean to scare you, this is only what occured in our situation. You may want to try running a pipe-snake down there to see if there is a clog that needs to be cleaned out, or call a professional to see if he can find where the pipe leaves the house.

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In my old house in Michigan we had the following situation. The house was 80 years old (90 now) sometime through the years someone put in perimeter drain lines on the inside of the house footings. This appeared to have been done after the concrete floor was installed (as I understood it the house originally had a dirt basement floor). Anyway, they put in the red clay pipe tiles, then knocked holes in the tops of them to allow water to drain in, them tied it into the outgoing sewer drain lines. When they tied it into the outgoing sewer line they did not bother with fitted connections, rather they just ran the pipe to a knocked out hole in the side of the sewer line, right above the floor trap. If you looked down there you almost always saw running water, especially during the wet times of the year.

While certainly not a perfect solution, I would hate to have experienced the water problems if they had not installed the perimeter drain piping. The basement leaked in several other areas anyway.
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water in basement floor drain

I had the plumber out today. He says you are supposed to have a small amount of water in that drain otherwise you would get a gas smell in the house.

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