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I have a "next 21 speed grip shift" and everytime i pedal up a hill, it will come out of gear. I think the derailleur(s) might be out of ajustment.What is the easiest way to do this?
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Check on the deraileur mechansim; you should find adjustment screws for aligning the sprockets properly
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Didn't say that quite right. What I meant was for aligning the dereaileur properly with the sprocket.
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jumping gears

there could be 1 of 3 things wrong.

1) depending on the type of gear shift you have, you may have to tighten up the set screw on the thumb shift, if it is loose, on the higher gear end, the thumb shift will tork back causing the bike to jump gears down. (assuming you have a thumb shift)

2) the entire rear derailer may be out of alienment. not set screw adjustment, but might be slightly twisted. this can be corrected easily.

3) you need to adjust your set screws. in this case with a 21 speed bike, you need to put your front derailer into the middle sprocket. from there you can now adjust your gears, there are 2 set screws in the rear derailer, H and L. adjust acordingly.

remember, most people done relize that on a 21 speed bike,
the gears should be used as follows:

front sprocket rear sprocket
small 4,5,6,7
middle all gears
large 1,2,3,4

tackle a hill with the front sprocket in the wrong setting can force jump the rear sprocket.
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As often as not, the chain may be stretched. This will give a skipping indication while under stress, like climbing.

When you say "coming out of gear" if you mean it skips and stays on the same sproket, that is usually a stretched chain. If it jumps to a different sproket, that is usually a derailer adjustment.

The screws described on the previous posts only deal with the end point travel of the derailer. They stop the derailer from moving beyond the first and last sprockets. Typically the adjustment needed is the barrel adjuster at the end of the cable. There is one at the derailer and one at the shifter, both can be adjusted but I recommend keeping the one at the shifter near the middle of the adjustment and dial in the derailer. That way you can make some adjustment from on the bike if needed.

A clear indication of a derailer alignment issue is noise. If the chain is making noise while pedaling, it is probably the derailer (provided the chain is properly oiled which if not, can also cause skip).
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I concurr with everything stated here but would like to add a caution about doing the alignment. If you just flip your bike over and make all the adjustments with the bike upside down you will have to readjust your derailuers again when you try to ride it. I have been doing it the hard way for years, since before 21 speeds first came out, and if you have a stand use it. Also, if you are buying a new chain, make sure you get the right one. If you are talking about shimano components and the derailurs are dx, stx, lx, or xt you will most likely need a hyperglide chain. I believe that the chain to fit would be designated HG 71 or HG91. If you are using SACHS you must use their chain.

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