motorizing a bicycle


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janet givens
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motorizing a bicycle

I would love to have a moped or simple scooter, however, I can't afford one...SIGH !!! Anyway, is there anyone that can tell me where I can find instructions to motorize my bicycle ? I've heard that some people have done so by using the motor from a gas-powered weed-eater. I would appreciate any help or advice that you could give me ! Thanks !
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It's funny. I saw a guy just a few weeks ago zooming through the wal-mart parking lot with what looked like a starter motor against the back wheel and a car battery strapped inside the V of the frame. He's was moving at a pretty good clip, wonder what kind of mileage he got off a charge..
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You actually used to be able to buy a kit to do that. Not sure, but it might have been Sears catalog stuff. Haven't seen one in decades.
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The kit was a small gas motor, not electric, and had a rubber drive wheel that contacted the bike tire. Mounted behind and under the seat.
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Why not just ride it? Benefits you AND the environment. Some bike shops actually carry motorized bikes. You would probably spend less and get more reliability.
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Try this site...

Here are two motors:

Here's an entire bike:

Realgoods rocks! I bought my refrigerator from them years ago and my local power company and my wallet love it! If you are tired of the wasteful ways of the average American, you'll love this site even more...led lights, solar, green products, wind, etc.

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