Budget rear derailleur

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Budget rear derailleur

Help, please! Some three years ago, I purchased a Barrington FS Elite 21-speed "all-terrain" bike from Sears. I was working there, and it seemed an incredible bargain with my employee discount. Well, the second time I rode it, the rear derailleur literally folded up beyond repair. I took the bike back and exchanged it for a new one, with the same results around the third ride. I think what happened was that my young son was playing with the shifters on the handlebar grips and bent the chain while the bike was not moving. Anyway, I would like to replace the chain and rear derailleur with some higher-quality peices, but without exceeding the $50 I spent on the bike to begin with. The existing derailleur is a SunRace 525, I believe it's a "long cage" design, with the ear for mounting under the wheel hub nut built on. The pulleys have ten teeth each, and the shifters (Grip-Shifts) have built-in detents. Any recommendation on a reasonable replacement would be greatly appreciated - riding season approaches! Thanks in advance - Chris
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Winter is a great time to check the internet bike sites for "last years" parts. Of course, last year's parts are still gonna be better than the parts originally used on your bike, so you can make a serious uprgade for seriously cheap (one of the sites has a $70 derailure going for $24. )

Check out the "bargains" section at Supergo.com, Pricepoint.com, Performance.com, or maybe the swap area at MTBR.com.

But remember, not every deraillure works with every shifter, but you can e-mail some of the sites and double-check fit before you order.
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Another option

Another online parts place is Nashbar.com. They also have a number to call for tech support: 800.888.2710. If you're uncertain about what kind of derailleur to buy, a live human will help you out!

Do you really need a new chain? Given your description is has very low miles, so it may not be faulty. On the other hand if it's rusty and can't be recovered, replacement is a good idea.

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Most LBS (local bike shops) can help you with ordering a comaptible part. Mail order does not typically carry low end components and after shipping can be more than what you paid for the bike. The above mentioned mail order companies for entry level componets carry Shimano Deore and higher. For the most part they will be current technology and either 8 or 9 speed compatible. A 9 speed rear der. will not neccesarily work with 7 speed Grip Shift. Also current rear der. bolt on to a der. hanger and not to the axle. So they will not work.
My shop for example can get you the der. you need for $12 a Shimano Deore der. will cost you $31 you may be able to get a Acera model for like $18 but they both will not work with your setup.

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