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Question headset change

I want to change the headset (threadless) on my bike, but I can't get the old bearing cups to come out of the head tube. Any help, tricks and tips would be greatly appreciated.
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I've used a couple of crude methods for both removing and installing the cups. I've also used the right tools. I would have to suggest though that for this project you take your bike to a local bike shop and have them remove the cups and install the new ones while your there. They can even seat the race on your fork if necessary.

Beside having to lay out some heavy cash for the tools and the possibility of damaging your frame are two reasons I leave this one to a qualified shop wrench.

Good Luck.
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Here is a good link to a home made headset cup press.

Here is another "Do it yourself" method
I do agree with Book Boy a good shop is a insured way of getting it done correctly, if you are strapped for cah or have the determination to "do it yourself" then these links are a good method of accomplishing the task.
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as you say you want to change, i take it that you are replacing it. what you will need to do, is get a solid tube. eg. i punch, tube etc.. and a hammer, you will need to put the punch down through the top, and there should be a small lip on the inside of the bottom cup, that the punch should sit on, hit the punch and after a while the buttom cup should come out. some concept with the top. if they dont come out...just use a bit more force.

If you are wanting to keep the ones you have in there at them moment. your best bet is to do the same thing. spray a bit of WD-40 around the area, and give it light taps with the punch, hitting it hard tends to chip small peices of the cups off, so refrain, it will come out eventually.
When putting your new ones in, makes sure to lube everything up with a little bit of grease, but not too much.

Hope this helped, and good luch with it.
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Great advice by Mattmonkey. That's the way we did it in our shop.
Without the special Park tools the next best thing is a large screw driver as a punch inside of the head tube to knock out the old cups and use a long threaded bolt with large washers to use as a press to seat the new cups.
And be sure to pack the new bearings and cups with fresh grease.
Make sure when adjusting the new headset not to overtighten the cones.
The adjustment becomes tighter as soon as you tighten down on the locknut.
Always leave alittle play before cranking down on the locknut for your final adjustment or you'll have an indexing handlebars and fork.(you don't want the new bearings to make impressions in the new cups).
It's better to have alittle play than overtighten. After about a month...re-adjust.

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