Possible to repair RSX STI road shifter?

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Possible to repair RSX STI road shifter?

I am hearing that it's not economically practical. The shop thinks it's better for me to spend 150$ on a new pair of shifter. Ouch!
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It can be fixed temporarily. However, in the long run, yes going new would be more practical and safer. As for the 150 bucks, I'd shop around. Try the factory. You might be able to get wholesale.
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No unless you know what you are doing repairing STI shifters or RapidFire is not reccomended. There are literraly dozens of moving parts including very small springs that fit and work only one way etc.
However $150 for RSX is a total rip off. Finding some maybe a little weird since they no longer make RSX. But you can get Sora all day long in either 7 or 8 speed double or triple, for about $110 to $130.

Also as a addition to the previous poster, Shimano will not sell direct to a consumer, only distrributors and bike shops may buy from them.
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Not a lot to add here, but it does make me chuckle thinking of my misguided attempt to rebuild a rapidfire shifter. My "First Law of Do It Yourself" is that if someone put it together in the first place, I can take it apart and put it back together again.

I've concluded that the theory doesn't apply to rapidfire shifters. These were clearly assembled by Swiss watchmaker using alchemy, witchcraft and liberal dose of unicorn blood.

This brings me to my "Second Law of Do it Yourself": all mechanical items are over-engineered, so that if you have parts left over after reassembly, it will still be within normal operating tolerences.

My advice: buy a new shifter.
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I found 105 STI's and 600 (7 and 8 spd) shifters on eBay for around $100.
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I've taken apart a couple dozen RSX, 600, etc. 7 and 8 speed levers and have had great success getting them fully functional again. Usually it's a matter of proper lubrication, but sometimes malfunction is due to a broken spring. I've done so many, that I know what to look for and how to put them back together. If you have one thing out of place, you may find yourself extremely frustrated. Let me know if you have some that need to be fixed, and I can help you out for far less than buying new ones. I may be willing to buy them from you, as well, if you have some to unload.

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