Looking for decent bike for 6 year old


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Looking for decent bike for 6 year old

I am trying to get a decent, but not expensive (around $100) bike for my 6 year old son, who just graduated from training wheels on a 16 incher. Looking for a 20", regular bike (not mountain or BMX).

Been to Walmart and ToysrUs. Immediately determined that their assembly of bikes was not good. Fortunately, I know how to adjust, correct, tighten, loosen whatever and could get a purchased bike into good shape.

However, I was not really thrilled with brake quality (mostly front and back side pull calipers, cheapies of course). I also thought that a 6 year old might have trouble squeezing the brakes (his old bike had coaster brakes). I think there may be some bikes with both styles of brakes on them?

Just looking for any recommendations, guidance, or advice anyone may have on helping me find a decent bike for my son.

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Hello: Dave

Raising 3 sons of my own, all of whom are now adults, I can say been there and done that too...

An often overlooked or not thought of place to find good used bikes, (and plenty of other items) is the local police impound lots. In that place, items like bikes are sold once legal clearance is obtained by the department.

Those items are than resold to the general public, usually at monthly auctions. A quick phone call to the local police station should provide the dates and times. Great father and son activity too...

Regards & Good Luck
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Thanks, Sharp Advice.

Appreciate the advice. However, we are on the path of a new bike, which he deserves and I don't mind paying for....to a point.

Any other opinions out there?
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Here are two sites offering bikes with coaster brakes.



Hope this helps.
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Looking for decent bike for 6 year old

Well I am going to be biased here and say check with your local bike shop. Seeing as how most in this country are privately owned, it is always a good idea to support backbone buisnesses instead of going to your local xmart's and shopping in the toy department. Most of your shops that carry Redline can also obtain Torker which meets a great price point and the quality is what you are loking for.
Your local bike shops are also a good place to get last years close outs. Used bikes are ok if you are on a extreme budget but you get no gurantees as to its safety, or how long it will hold up. By buying at your local bike shop you typically get a service plan with the bike, and you may be able like with me to get discounts on other purchases in the future. You also get a good factory warranty, and availability of replacement parts ,which is not always the case with your xmart bikes.
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Like Pricision said. Visit your local bike shop. You can pick up a decent Mongoose, Diamond back or what ever and will last him for years if it's maintained. You will spend a little more but they are well worth it.
If you go with a 16" you can always resell it when he's ready for a 20"
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Thanks PP and mattison,

Nice to see your thoughts re the local bike shop, which is just what I did last Friday and found a nice bike and also discovered a nice family run bike shop. We got a properly assembled and adjusted bike that does not have all the flashy but non-functional crap on the bikes you see at Walmart and others.

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