Bicycle wheel/brakes


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Bicycle wheel/brakes

Hi. I just relocated, and the movers took off my wheels and loosened the brakes. THe chain is also not on either. Can someone direct me to where I can read up on how to put my bike back together? Pictures would be nice too (I don't know any of the parts/terminology).

Thanks a lot!
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Bike help

Here's a site I've used before:

Park Tool is a well-known provider in the industry.

Replacing the wheels should be pretty straightforward: the forks have U-shaped notches for the axles; the wheel should seat all the way into the U. Tighten it with a wrench, or close the quick release. (A quick release has a lever instead of a nut.)

Chain: the movers probably just moved the chain off the gears, and probably did not remove a link from the chain. To replace it, shift the gear shift lever all the way to the highest gear (toughest to pedal). Put the chain over the smallest cog in back. In front, put the chain started over the biggest chainring, lift the bike so the rear tire is off the floor, and turn the pedal so that the chain engages properly.

Brakes are a little tougher, but still do-able. On the brake caliper, loosen the brake cable connection. (This is a nut that secures the brake cable at the caliper.) Squeeze the brake pads onto the rim, pull the end of the brake cable through the connection, and tighten the connection. You may need an extra set of hands to do this, and it may take a few tries. Test your results carefully!

If this info doesn't work out for you, a trip to your LBS (local bike shop) may be in order. If you go during off-peak hours (for instance, not on a bright sunny Saturday morning when everyone wants their bike serviced RIGHT NOW) they should be able to take care of you. Good luck in your new location!
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Go to a real bike shop!

Thats the best advise go to a real bicycle shop and buy a real bicycle
sure you'll have to pay for it but you won't have anymore headaches
you won't have a loose bracket any more because the newer stuff has a cartridge..and the newer wheels have sealed more loose hubs!
the wheels will be perfectly tru also everything will shift properly
People often run into tons of trouble trying to save a buck at a dept store
don't do it THINK THINK,As far as my case goes i can fix everything myself
but can you?If you can't then buy the better stuff?
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500-600 bucks for a good bike?

You should expect to pay 500-600 bucks for a good low level mtn. bike
why not opt for a hibred or road bike ,I often feel these bicycle are better made?something to think about,you do not see the road bikes in dept stores anymore at least were i'm from
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Just tighten everything pick the slack up on your rear derailluer barrel adjuster
take your hands and tighten your headset.You can easily tighten your hubs by loosening only one nut on the wheel and tighten the hub on the other side
it's a quick maintenance far as spokes go it is easy to keep a wheel tru when it was trued to perfection to start with..all thats most often needed is to tighten one or two spokes thats it[the loose ones] your wheel is back in perfect tru

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