hybrid bike question


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hybrid bike question

HI I am looking for some ideas on hybrid cross mtn bikes which ones are the best as far as quality, lightweight and overall performance? I am fairly new to the biking world. I would like to start looking to purchase one for next summer to do some riding both on pavement as well as dirt trails. I have a trek 4300 that is good for the trails but it lacks something on pavement.thanks for any input on this.
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Specialized make a good hybrid:

So does Trek:

However, the best bike for the buck, IMO, is Devinci, a Canadian company based out of Quebec:

I ride alot and after much research, I found Devinci to be an awesome bike. They probably have the biggest selection of hybrids going.
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Buy another set of tires for your mountain bike. My suggestion is based on portability. If you buy a hybrid and want to go offroad you still need a mountain bike because the forks and frame of a hybrid won't accomodate the big fat dirt tires. If you put 1 3/4" or 1 1/2" hi pressure tires on your mountain bike you get the same handling as a hybrid, without all the fuss. If you're a real bike nut, buy another set of wheels and tires. Get the gears you want for the road on the new wheels, hi pressure street tires, and keep your 2 1/2" off road tires on the hook. Quick release hubs will make it a breeze to swap out and you'll still have your triple crank up front for those pesky hills, with some tall gears in back for going really fast.

I'm a retired street cop that worked a bike detail for a couple of years. All of our bikes were (are) mountain bikes that had hybrid tires on them, hi pressure (80 pounds) with a relatively smooth tread. Except for getting me into several fights and foot pursuits (naturally it was the bikes fault), they worked like a charm. I now have a VERY nice Bianchi road bike that I hardly ever ride anymore, and a beat up old mountain bike with some cross tires on it that I ride maybe 100 miles a week, mostly on the street. That is of course unless you WANT another bike and don't like your mountain bike. Then I say, never mind!!
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Listen to the "Sarge" thirdeep.

Sarge has the right "fit" for you, in my humble opinion. I own a TREK 4500.
I use it for moderate to challanging trial rides. BUT, when I switch on a pair of my narrower-gauge, slicker profiled, 'street' tires to replce the nobby mountain tires, I have as good a 'Hybrid' as any I could buy.
And, as Sarge explained, with the tire-modified Trek mountain bike, I have the best bike for ALL seasons. I can keep up with my friends on long road rides with no more effort than I did riding my expensive Cannondale road bike.

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