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Question clicking gears

My daughter just purchased an inexpensive 24" mountain bike that came assembled. There is no information in the user's manual about how to use the gears. When she rides uphill, the gears seem to click; is this normal or does something need to be adjusted?

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While she's ridig have her look at the gears. Does the chain seem to want to jump a little?? If so you will want to get a bike shop to adjust it if you don't know how.
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Yeah, it just needs to be adjusted. there is a micro-adjust screw at the shifter were the cable comes out and a major at the derailer were the cable goes in.
the micro-adjust (shifter) moves the derailer very little, but usually enough for the problem your having (asuming the chain is rubbing on the casset gears like it's trying to shift). Have her ride the bike (or you ride if she's not very confident about riding with one hand), turning the adjustment screw as you peddle. The direction you turn the adjuster depends on how exactly the chain is hitting, but if you tighten it like a screw, it should move the derailer down the casset (to a higher, or more difficult gear). Just keep messing with it untill it stops making the noise.

Good luck!!!

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