replace threaded fork with threadless?


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replace threaded fork with threadless?

I have a Giant SE bike with front suspension forks which has a threaded stem. I would like to replace the front forks with a new threadless suspension fork. I measured the stem at 1 1/8. Can I do this and change to a threadless stem. If I can what parts do I need to buy. I'm guessing I need a threadless headset and stem for the handlebar. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. dave
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Sure it can be done. I've done it with my Trek1000 and my daughters GT BMX. You'll need the forks of course and a head set and stem. The only real issue is the length of the steerer tube thru the head tube. It may be prudent to have your L.B.S. cut and fit the threadless fork. Purchace the parts from the L.B.S. and they will be more agreeable than if you show up with a box of stuff from a catalogue.
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To change to a threadless stem you don't have to take the drastic step of replacing a perfectly good threaded fork. Just buy a threadless stem adapter. They are available for both road and mountain bikes. See the following URLs.

Threadless Stem Adapters:
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you'll need to decide (perhaps by measuring your existing setup) where you want the bars to be with the new stem and fork, spacers are available to raise the height of the stem and the fork needs to be cut to the right length if you want a particular bar position...

so parts you'll likely need: new fork, threadless headset, stem, spacers, maybe grease

the headset cups are pressed in and driven out of the frame using special tools most bike shops have... the fork is cut in a jig that allows it to be cut nice and square, i wouldnt try to do these operations without the jig, remover and press...

good luck with your project

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