Help!! Please!! [air pump]


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Help!! Please!! [air pump]

Okay, I'm really dumb when it comes to some things. I just bought a Bell Airstrike 1800--an air pump. Now, I would like to use it for pumping up some balls. However, I can't get the tip to screw into the tube of the pump. (There is not a place that it can be screwed in to--at least I can't find it.) I have looked on the internet, and can't even find the manufacturer--even though I'm sure they wouldn't have a manual for such a simple machine. There were no instructions with it. Can you please help? Thanks.
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No worries

Hi, SusieQue-
I looked up this pump on the net, and it seems to be a standard Shrader type pump.

Altho the inflation needle used for sports balls is threaded, it doesn't actually screw into anything. The nozzle at the end of the hose (the one that connects to a tire) is called the chuck. If you'll flip the metal or plastic tab up, as you would just before inflating a tire, insert the threaded end of the needle into the chuck and press the tab down to close. It's the same operation you'd perform for inflating a tire, but instead of pressing the chuck onto the tire's valve stem, you're inserting the needle into the chuck.

This should do it for you- unless for some reason you have a Presta pump instead of a Shrader pump, in which case please post again and we'll figure it out.

Dave O

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