Best Bike Lock?


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Best Bike Lock?

I know it's kind of a matter of opinion, but does anyone have any thoughts on the best brand of bike lock to buy?

The only thing I know is to avoid the kind with the round key, because apparently they can opened with the lid of a bic pen!!!!

Boy would I pissed if my 500 dollar bike was stolen with 2 cents worth of plastic...

Anyhow if anyone has any thoughts, they'd be appreciated.

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bike locks

hmm... we've always used kryptonite locks (shaped like a horseshoe), though indeed it does use the round key. i think they are pretty standard, but what is worth double checking is to see if the manufacturer has an insurance policy. i think with kryptonite (going back several years when i last got one) you can register your bike with them and if the lock is broken and the bike is stolen, you can return the broken lock to them to cover the cost of the bike.
kryptonite does have non U-shaped locks that do not have the round key-- its a thick cable lock which extends a few feet. we have one, which i like, though im not sure if it has any flaws.

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