schwinn s350 electric scooter


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schwinn s350 electric scooter

is it bad for the electrical system to turn the scooter to off everytime i go down a hill or repeatadly while riding it.
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If there is any electronic circuitry you could easily damage it by doing this.

Starting and stopping anything is where the most wear occurs and considering that this is not an very heavy duty scooter you would want to be as gentle as possible to make it last longer.
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What i noticed as i rode the scooter was that if i was going down a long hill and wasnt giving it power, and i shut the scooter off ( a different switch, not the throttle) it has more zip when i got to the bottem of the hill and i turned it back on. It seemed to me the batteries stayed alive longer. But if this is damaging to the electronics i want to know.

I know you anwsered but i didnt feel i explained myself well enough in my initial post.
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It could be damaging to the motor itself.
When a motor is started it draws a huge amount of current because there is no "counter electromotive force". It could be 6 to 8 times the current draw that the motor draws normally running and which it is designed for.
Most motors can be turned on then off a certain amount of times (something like 6 times per hour) but it does them no favors.
Also the motor will have a fan on it that cools the motor.
If the motor is shut off when on the hot side, then it will have less cooling.
I would just limit the restarts to a minimum.

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