Rear deralier problem


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Rear deralier problem

After a long winter I took my bike out on its first ride of the season. In doing so i realized that i has lost 2 of lower reat gears. I thought that due to my stupidity of storing the bike with the gear-cable taught, I figured that I had stretched the cable. After realigning all of the gears, I was easily able to get the derailer to go to all of the gears. Unfortunately since then whenever I am in the highest gear either the chain or the sprocket jumps. No amount of aligning fixes this, and if the bike is upside down (with no tension on the wheels) it does not jump. I was wondering if anyone knows why this is happening. Thanks much.
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when you say "highest gear" you mean the smallest rear sprocket, yes?

If so, I would look at the dérailleur itself. There is a spring that tensions the chain. Obviously, if the spring would break, it would not maintain tension. The dérailleur may also simple be binding and the spring does not have enough pressure to overcome the bind and the chain is not tightened.

last, the spring may simply have lost tension.

So, clean and lube, then clean and lube some more and see how it goes. Make sure the dérailleur maintains tension.

The fact that the chain does not jump when upside down would tend to support this as the gravity, with the bike upside down, would tend to help the chain lay onto the sprocket where when right side up, gravity will pull the chain away from the sprocket at the bottom of is, thereby causing your skipping.

also, the fact this happens on the smallest sprocket would make sense since the dérailleur has to move out the furthest to maintain tension.

(maybe). It;s been a long time since I have worked on bikes and that is my best guess without actually a hands on diagnosis.
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Another possibility

It may be something as simple as a stretched cable. You can adjust the derailleur by locating two screws that provide a "high" and "low" limit for how far the derailleur will move among the cogs. After you determine which is high and which is low, you might experiment with the limit screws by turning maybe 1/4 turn while riding in your driveway. This usually takes care of chain jumps and skips.

Good luck with it!
Dave O

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