Back wheel not engaging


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Back wheel not engaging

Hi everyone,

I would be very happy if anyone knows how to fix the problem below.

recently purchased a Giant Boulder 580 and it is all working well apart from a problem with the back wheel engaging.

If I am have been free wheeling for a while, such as going down hill, then when I come to pedal again the back wheel does not engage with the back cogs. The chain is moving and the back cogs are moving but the wheel is not engaged. It is like the bike is in neutral gear. I have to stop the bike and then restart again and everything is fine. It is as if the free wheel gear is still working even though I have started to pedal again.

Does anyone know what this problem is called or how to fix it ?

Thanks in advance,

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Never heard of that problem before, you might want to post in the drivetrain forum at, lots of knowledgeable folks there. It helps to include a link to your bike, I assume this is it:

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