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Uh, does like anybody hang out here at all or is everyone in another forum somewhere that I don't know about?
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These are not chat rooms. You post a question and another user or a forum moderator such as myself attempt to give you educated answers.
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Red face

Uh, hi!

I realize its not a chat room but I couldn't help but notice that there aren't too many posts in the bike section and I was used to forums where, yes there were a lot of questions being answered, but also where questions led to discussions that lead to more learning about the subject on everybody's part...

Anyway, here's a question.

On truing wheels: What I have usually done (the few times I have done it)is isolated the problem area on the truing stand and work the spokes in that area, starting a little bit outside of the problem area. Then I try and check to see if the average tension of the spokes is more or less even, and that's about it. Any suggestions or feedback about whether this is good enough or should I loosen stuff and then start to tighten, or anything at all that would help since I live where there is no reason trust the bike stores?

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When a wheel is true it is both round and straight side to side. Side to side is easier than round - tighten and loosen where it needs it.

Rear wheels also need to be dished (correct offset for freewheel clearance).

Truing can be very time consuming, but wheelbuilding is a specialized art anyways.

Each time you think that your wheel is "true" take it out of the stand and stress the entire wheel against the hub on both sides then recheck for side to side again. Repeat until it stays straight and round. This is the easiest way to stress and tension your spokes evenly.
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Thanks a lot, I hopefully will get to it in the next day or so...will let you know how I do!


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