springer front forks


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springer front forks

I'm considering getting a Worksman bike with the option of having a springer front fork or not. I realize these are usually an item found on the really old-school bikes, or these days often just for looks as a retro appearance item. My question is whether when they're actually functional how they might improve or otherwise change the feel of the ride as compared to not having one. Any comments appreciated, thanks.
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If that's the Worksman I'm thinking of, it is an old company and you are correct, they used springs on the front many years ago. But today, actually since the mountain style bike surfaced, they have become a functional part of off roading. They came out after I left the trade so have never ridden one, but would guess they provide some much needed suspension for these radical mountain riders. Radical is the key work, so unless you are putting your life on the line, I would think the wider tires would be more than enough.

Casual riding, flat, hills, or off road, what are you looking for?


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