10 speed Fuji Bike

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10 speed Fuji Bike

Here are pics of my girlfriends 10 speed Fuji Bike that she got probably back in the late 80's early 90's. She wants to get rid of it. Does anybody have any idea if it is worth anything?
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Yard sale...$25-40. It's 25 yrs old. There are better/newer bikes at every place I've ever stopped. Most are priced less than $100.

My wife bought a lightly used 21 spd Trek that was about 1 1/2 yrs old from a local shop. Almost $1000 new retail.....she paid less than $400. Seems bikes depreciate quicker than cars, I guess.
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I sold Fuji's back in the early 80's and unfortunately Gunguy is correct, not worth a lot. However, if it is in great shape, spokes turn, rims are perfect, you can try listing all of its qualities and maybe find someone my age who still bikes and just wants a good old 10 speed. Few ever use more than 4 or 5 gears anyway. Check the frame to see what it is made of. List the quick release front, I can't see the back, and the alloy wheels. List f & R derailleurs and if the tires are old or new. Almost impossible to ship it, so market it locally. Ask $125 and take the best offer. Adjust that up if it has better components.

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Bikes loose most of their value the first year (75-90% lose first year).
Unlike a car, It's pretty easy to wear out the entire drive train in less then one season without abusing it.
Also should be noted that component manufactures are always evolving, so if a component is is more then ~2yrs old (unless it was the best of the best), it would be considered old by most riders.

I was given a late 80's tri-athlon bike to use on my bike trainer by a co-worker. This was a high end bike in it's time (near the best of the best), and came with tri-bars and all. I got it for nothing as my co-worker couldn't get anything for it and was going to end up tossing it.

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