Can I replace cantilever with a v brake


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Can I replace cantilever with a v brake

I have an old trek 820 that has shimano mountain exage cantilever and they are old, the spacing looks ok for a V brake but will the posts accept a v brake? thanks
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You should be able to swap the v-brakes out for cantilever without issues. When you remove the v-brake assembly, check the small holes where the springs sit in the bike frame mount. Those holes will round out of aluminum frames with age. Otherwise, upgrade away.
I'd also recommend picking up separate brake pads as the ones that come with brake assemblies aren't great. Get long pads (about 2" or so in length) suites for the riding you plan to do. Longer pads make braking easier, making you have to squeeze the brakes a bit less, reducing stress on the whole system.

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