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We have a couple of bikes that squeal when using the brakes. What causes the brakes to chatter and squeal and how can I fix the problem?
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The squeal occurs when the full pad of the brake does not contact the rim evenly. Only the front or back of the pad is touching causing the noise and uneven ware. Simply loosen the nut and adjust.
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Caliper pads should be toed in

Your caliper pads should be toed in so they are pulled into correct contact by the rims. Adjust the forward edge to touch the rim about 1mm before the trailing edge. This will stop your squeal.
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The second reply here is absolutely correct. The pads need to be properly toed to eliminate the squeel. As the wheel turns it pulls the remaining pad against the side of the rim, ensuring good and even braking.
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Unhappy toe in?

I don't understand the toe-in concept. How do you adjust that?
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The toe of the pad is the first thing that touches the side of the rim (braking surface). As brake pressure is applied the remaining "untoed" portion of the pad is also applied.

The difference making the toe is about 1/16" to 1/8"

The adjust is made by twisting/tweaking the brake arm.

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