MaxAir bicycle pump valve problem


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MaxAir bicycle pump valve problem

The valve at the bottom of the pump seemed blocked, can hardly pump air in.
I tried to detach the air hose and no air can reach that point,
Here may not be the right place, but please help me to find right place and right experts.
I wonder what is in that part. And how to fix or replace the valve.
The brass fitting could be turned by a pair of pliers, but no progress in or out.
Pls help.
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showing the housing with the plunger and air hose removed, the only part therein is the check valve behind the brass fitting.
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The link is a basic description on how bike pumps work. The valve at the bottom of the pump can be a little flapper or an actual ball.

Air cannot go in that valve..... only come out. I don't think I've ever seen one get jammed.

Is the pump in good shape..... the inside is not all rusted ?

you tube/watch?v=ZiHpsg6wksc
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you are saying that there is little or no pressurized air coming out of the pump when you push the handle down.
As I recall, the leather piston tends to dry after a few years. I used to drip a little light oil into the cylinder - either from the top or into the fitting for the hose. Work the handle up and down, adding a little oil at a time, until the piston reseals itself. You should then be good for a few more years.
I think Pete is right - the hose attachment is a one way valve. There are probably several holes in the top if the pump and that would be where to add a little oil.

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Hi Goldstar and Pjmax,
The pump is relatively new, no rust, no dry leather piston. The pump can pump and hold up to 75 psi, but no air out passing that valve.
The outer steel housing pipe and the bottom seat hold tightly, one cannot look at and see the details of the local structure of the valve behind the fitting.
The general principle of the file lacks the detail for this model. Youtube has some related video but no one close to this model and nobody seemed to handled this kind of problem.
Thanks again.

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