truing a tire

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What are the steps to truing a tire and how do you do it ?
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First off you don't true the tire, you true the wheel. To do it properly you need a truing stand but it can be done without one.

-turn bike upside-down

-spin wheel and locate the warp (use the brake pads as a guide)

-use tape to mark where warp begins and where it ends

Notice that every other spoke goes to the same side of the hub.Basically you will be loosening one side and tightening the other to pull it in line.

-using the correct size spoke wrench loosen the first spoke, the last spoke and any in between that are on the side that the warp leans towards 1/4 turn.

-tighten spokes on the other side 1/4 turn.

-spin wheel to check progress, if it is worse you loosened and tighten on the wrong sides. If it is better do the same thing again untill it is straight.

Hope this makes sense, I have never tried to explain this before.
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The method described above will only take out side to side. A "true" wheel also has the "hop" taken out of it.

I recommend that you take the wheel to a local bicycle shop and have them "true" your wheel on a stand.

It should only cost you a few dollars if the wheel is not bad and has all its spokes.

NEVER attempt to true a wheel on the bike if you are unsure of what you are doing.

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