Rusted Chrome Parts

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I have a few old bikes and they always have rust on the chrome -- whatis a solution to take off rust so that i do not scratch or hurt the chrome?
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I have used steel wool with some success.
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i have used Mother's Car wax to remove "light" oxidation from my rims and spokes -it also helps keep them shiny for a long time

HOpe this helps------josh
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use steel wool with some rustolium
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I used to manage a bike shop where we used to restore quite a few old Schwinns. Try to locate some glass wax at a hardware store and use it with a course steel wool. This works......
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DON'T USE STEEL WOOL!!! Although chrome is a harder material than steel, it is plated very thin, (.0005" on average), and steel may easily scratch the chrome. One method I have found to be very effective is to ball up some aluminum foil and use any old chrome polish to remove the rust on chromed surfaces....brass wool from the hardware store is another possibility.
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You can use 00 or 000 steel wool without damaging the chrome plating. I use EZ Duz It which is a upgrade of Mothers that has not been released yet. It works flwaleesly and the polish lasts for 3 months. Right now it is being used on show cars and trucks.
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At the bike shop I used to manage, we carried something called "Quick-Way Quick-Glo chrome cleaner/rust remover". This is probably the best way. It's not toxic so no bad smell. It's a soft "gritty-like" paste that doesn't harm polished finishes, esp. chrome. I've cleaned up more Stingrays, and cruisers than I care to remember, uh, too late, now I'm remembering...thanks a lot! Gees...j/k. It's about $7 for all you'll need. And no steel wool required. This product is carried by shops for this exact purpose.

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Cool clorox bathroom cleaner with teflon

i have used this on lawnmower wheels and exposed lawnmower parts including tires. i tried three time sto put on tire wet for pics and the tire wet just runs off.
the bottle even says that it will work on chrome. make sure you follow all of the instructions good. if it will persuade you even more, we have dupoint teflon on our recliner and choclolate that has been in there a week wipes off easily with no residue. teflon is great so use it for a great cleaner/ protector. good luck.

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