Vertical Blinds-graber vs Hdouglas,lowes vs specialty store

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Smile Vertical Blinds-graber vs Hdouglas,lowes vs specialty store

I am new to this site , and I appreciate much the valuable info i find is usu more objective than most sites I've visited.

I need advice for vertical vinyl blinds for my new home.
I have done extensive research, and would like your feedback before the big purchase. I am leaning towards getting Graber vertical blinds from Lowes or Costco.
1. is Graber vertical vinyl blinds with its Supervue aluminum headrail better quality, easier in case of repair vs Hunter Douglas? THough Hunter Douglas blinds are more popular and more available, I was told the headrail is more superior, and the clip/carrier for Graber vanes is easier to remove for replacement.

2. if i order Graber or Hunter Douglas blinds from Lowes, or Costco,(much cheaper apple to apple) versus from specialty blind stores (more expensive by about 30%), would i get SIMILAR Good quality products ? I think I read a comment on this forum that blinds may be of a lesser quality when made for the stores like lowes for the same exact style. is this true?

3. a specialty store tells me that warranty and service is important - a good reason to buy from them even tho more pricey, vs from LOwes. what have been your experience w Lowes in case of problems (legitimate, not from abuse) in terms of helping customers if repairs needed. Lowes tells me they will ship for free to and from manufacturer if problems is covered within warranty.

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Graber versus Hunter Douglas

Both Graber and Hunter Douglas are leading manufacturers of vertical blinds and are sold by most retailers and used by most decorators. It sounds like you favor Graber over Hunter Douglas because of the valance. Valances usually don't present a problem. They do not move unless you have to take them down for some reason.

The issue of buying from a big box store rather than a small dealer that bends over backwards with customer service but may charge you a little more (sometimes much less) is a sore spot with the small independent dealer. Most of the time the big box stores sell you a product and if you have a problem with it, then it's up to you to contact the manufacturer. Whereas, the small dealer deals with the manufacturer and stands behind the product it sells. If the manufacturer does not do right by the dealer, then the dealer tends not to sell that manufacturer's products due to the headaches.

Quality of products sold at big box stores versus those at small dealers? I know the Delta faucets I sell have metal interior working parts and those sold at Lowe's are plastic and a builder grade at lower cost. I was told this by the Delta rep. I do not know about blinds. Most manufacturers sell good, better, best level of products in order to have different price points for consumers.

Customer service? I spoke with a fellow mod from Michigan who had a customer who bought a kitchen from Home Depot. Problems. Sign hanging in store says if you have a problem with product, contact manufacturer.

I don't sleep at nights because I worry about my customers. I prefer to support the small local (reputable) businesses who look after me. I have always been a good customer. In a previous life, every time I moved to another house, I called the same window lady to do my windows. She installed my draperies and blinds. If there was ever a problem she would come take care of it. Service is important.

You have a household to run and probably a hubby and kids. Window treatments should not be worrying your pretty little head. Work with an expert. Getting the most bang for your buck does not always mean getting it at the lowest price.
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Vertical blinds

Thank you for your enlightening reply and sharing from your experience!
I would welcome others opinions too
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Some suggestions from experience

To address the quality concerns:

If the blinds you are looking at purchasing are special order then they are the exact same quality wheither you purchase them at Lowes, Home Depot, JC Penny, ...etc. This is because for a special order product that is the same model and name ie. A graber vertical with a superview headrail special ordered from Home Depot is the same graber vertical when ordered from 3 Day Blinds.

Now what the gentleman in the previous message was talking about was an instock product. In this respect small specialty stores do have a leg up on big box stores as they usually have higher quality products inside their locations ready to buy off the shelves. Special order products however are identical.

To address customer service concerns:

For blinds bought as part of a special order at Lowes or Home Depot the repairs (wheither under warrenty or not) should be handled by the specialist at the store. I am a specialist at a Lowes in southern CA (northern oceanside Lowes Store #1588 to be exact) and I used to work for Home Depot in the Blind department as a specialist. All repairs and problems with customer orders I have handled personally with the vendor now I can not speak for stores where I have not worked (either Lowes or Home Depot).

Some Tips to save a few headaches:

1. No matter which dealer you purchase your special order blinds from get your windows professionally measured by that dealer or a contracted licensed through that dealer. That way all the measurements are the dealers responsibility.

2. Take some time in picking out your particular style and such. A good specialist will sit down with you to go over the types of windows you have (standard rectangular, eyebrow arch, ovals, ...etc) and suggest blinds that would work with your windows. This goes for any dealer you buy your blinds at.

3. Also shop around I know that Home Depot and Lowes never have their vendor promotions at the same time so you can play those promotions to get the best deal if you are doing a variety of types of window treatments.

4. Don't let anyone tell you that one vendor is the best at everything, of course this is left a little to opinion of course.

Here is what I have found and it is influenced a little by my personal tastes:
Type: Preferred Vendor:
Verticals Graber
Wood Horizontals Graber
Composite Horizontals Graber
Faux Wood Horizontals Graber

Fabric Blinds Hunter Douglas

These are only out of the main vendors that Home Depot and Lowes special orders through.

Hope this was helpful, if you have any other questions please send me an e-mail.

Adrian Lemanek
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The Graber G-71 headrail is one of the best rails on the market. Costs more but worth it!
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Hi Adrian,
You didn't mention roller shades. I need to use roller shades on my French Doors to cover the windows and use hold down brackets so they don't bang around. Only other thing I have seen is pleated or cellular shades and we aren't fond of those.
I like one of the Graber products and found Graber through Costco. It would be special ordered so I presume the quality would be the same as a special order at Home Depot or Lowes. Would Graber be included in your list as a preferred vendor for Roller shades? I am looking at their Smart Pull Lift, or Continuous-Loop Lift.
Your post was extremely informative by the way. This is my first time on the site and I am finding it a great tool.
Thanks so much,
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Hello and welcome to the forum! This thread is over 10 years old and Adrian is no longer a member so won't see your post.

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