How do I make my blinds open automatically?

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How do I make my blinds open automatically?

Alright, I realized I posted in the wrong area. Okay, I love the outside and there is nothing like waking up with freshair and sunlight on your face. So I want to have my windows open in the morning.

I need my windows completely shut at night (well atleast the blinds the actual windows can stay open) cause the light from a street is right at my window. So I want to make my window open actuallically in the morning. This is what I've done so far.

I have my blinds controled from remote (cheap device from Lowes (about 20) that replaces the closing stick) and I've ordered some hardware and software for my computer that can give infrared signals at a scheduled time. So thats one things that I've done with but I need two more.

I'm going to add some drapes to further block out the street light. Here are a few questions. What material is the best to block out light? My moms (sower) made one that doubled up on the fabric but still didn't block it all out. The one she made had five strings attached to the drapes that all went through a devices that had wheels inside with one having teeth, so that when you pull at it at the right angle it would lock. What is this deviced called that has the teeth wheels? And here is my last question. Finally, any ideas on how to make them automatic w/ infrared control of course? (cheap)

And here is the last and probably hardest part. Any ideas on how to make the actual windows automatically open? I would think you would need some kind of devices with wheels that was under the window.

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there are draperies called Thermal Draperies and others called Blackout Draperies. Either will completely block out the sunlight. or, if your mom's going to sew them for you, she can use blackout/thermal lining on the back of any fabric.

there is motorized drapery hardware available, just as there are motorized blinds. they can probably be hooked up to a timer.

not sure about motorized windows - might want to post that question in the Windows & Doors topic.

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