Bamboo Blinds recommendation

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Bamboo Blinds recommendation


I am helping my wife in picking out and buying Bamboo blinds and was hoping for some advice on different manufacturers. First we looked at Levelor and Bali at the local home store. For our windows these are going to run from $150 to $200 each. The kid at Lowes said he has the least problems with Levelor, but Bali customer service is easier to deal with. I would prefer never to have to talk to either and want them to just work! :-)

Meanwhile online my wife found a few places that seem to offer the same type of product, in custom sizes, for far less. From $50 to $80 each. These companies are Best Blinds (, Island Blinds ( and Top Blinds (

Does anyone have experience with any of these companies or Bamboo blinds in general? I did searches on each with "opinion" and/or "review" and didn't find anything. I am wondering if there is a huge difference in quality in the lower priced online suppliers? Is it too good to be true, do you get what you paid for, or are the big names making us pay for all their marketing?

Thanks in advanced!
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I believe sells name brand for less, or so they say. Make sure you get the same manufacturer's warranty, etc.
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Generally speaking, there is a difference in quality and service. I don't think these online places are selling brand name blinds, but claim the quality to be the same as brand names. On the other hand, there are local manufacturers that make quality blinds that sell for less, but hard to know who is selling what, it's a chance you have to take when buying sight unseen. One problem you may encounter buying online is, if there is a problem, you'll have to ship it all back and possibly at your expense. Buying locally will usually mean better service and you would not have to deal directly with the manufacturer, the place you buy them from will do this. Hope this helps.
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have you ever had bamboo (woven wood) blinds before? if not, before you pursue this any further, buy a blind at a local place (like Lowe's) and just loosely (temporarily) hang one in a window. make sure you even like them before you spend anymore time on them.

i say this because i loved them, the look of them, before i had them. fortunately, i was able to buy readymades at Lowe's and could return them. i found that they offer no privacy at night, hardly any light control during the day, and during the day, because of the sun coming in the window, you can't even really see the blinds (they're sort of in the shadows when you try to view them). so even though i really only needed them for decoration, i hated them. and i even tried the "privacy liners". hated those, too.

just my 2.
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My house has a daylight basement and I have bamboo shades on the windows down there for years. Love them and mine are holding up very well, and they get sun all day. and the quality is well so far.

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Some of the differences in cheap vs. quality wovens that you could expect to find are...

the durability of the wooden(bamboo) materials used. Since the edges of this type of blind are just cut off raw(unless you order "edge banding"), they are more prone to damage if brushed against, or bumped too firmly. The cheap quality ones may result in several ends bent or broken off easily, while the quality ones may survive much longer.

the consistency of the woven panels appearance. On the cheap ones, the weaving is not always the most uniform. This results in the shade not laying flat(wrinkled looking) when fully lowered, or skewing to one side or the other when hanging, or uneven light gapping in between the wooden slats/sticks. On the good ones, the appearance can be counted on to be more consistent across the entire blind, and from window to window.

the use of the room-darkening, privacy liner and the cord rings on the backs. I have seen cheap ones with the liners glued on(barely), and uneven, and not centered. The good ones have more attention to detail during construction. The liner is square and even, and along with the cord rings on the back, very well secured to the woven panel. These rings coming loose can be a big, continuing headache if construction quality is skimped on.

These are a few issues off the top of my head to consider when shopping.

I think Levelor is pretty good stuff, and Bali is OK, but closer to to the "private label" type stuff offered on the websites. A brand I have used with good experience, is called Horizons Natural Shades by B&W manufacturing.

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