Repairing Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds


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Repairing Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds

I have 2" faux wood blinds that I purchased at Lowe's. The kind they cut to size. I installed them myself. The problem is that over time I think the cords that run through the top of the blind and the pullies and such, readjusted, and now, the blinds will only open one way, one cord (cords open and close the blinds) is really long and the other is short. I'm sure I could have avoided the problem by adjusting things when I hung the blinds and adjusted the length, but there was no warning, and I certainly didn't think of it.
Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?
Thank you.

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I think it's going to have to be restrung. They sell a "restringing kit" with cord and other parts needed and I'm sure, instructions. I would go to Lowes and see if you can buy it there and if not, do a google search for places online.
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Are you saying that the cords that make the blind TILT open and closed have slipped, causing the blinds to now tilt only one direction?

Or, are you talking about the LIFT cords?
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The cords that tilt the blinds only work one way, One cord is really long, and the other is really short. And the cords that pull it up and down are kind of a jumble in the wooden ball that holds them all together.
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Thats what I thought.

Inside the headrail, you will see the "TILT MECHANISM" that causes the blind to tilt up and down. It has a wheel/spool on the front that the tilt cord(s) is wrapped around, and a metal rod running through it. As you pull either hanging tilt cord, the wheel spins in that direction causing the rod to rotate and tilt the blind. The tilt cord is wound so that each hanging cord rotates the wheel OPPOSITE of the other cord. Normally the cord is wound about 3 times around the wheel in each rotational direction(thats 6 total times around the wheel). Sometimes it is possible for this tilt cord to either slip too far in one direction, or due to slack around the wheel, lose a coil or two, leaving one side very long and one short. Plus, it wont fully close in one direction anymore.

Here is the fix. (And BTW- Its not a simple job for an ordinary DIY'er, so if you follow along and are successful, then you should feel very proud)

Take the blind down and look in the headrail to identify the TILT MECHANISM.
The metal rod that runs through it sideways will have to be slid down and out of this mechanism in order for you to free it for removal. If there is a metal plate at the end of the headrail, and its blocking the rod from sliding down enough, just pop it off and finish sliding the rod down.
Once free from the rod, the tilt mechanism can be wiggled loose from its position in the headrail. Untie each of the tilt pull knobs from the cords and now remove the entire mechanism(with dangling cords) up and out of the headrail.
Completely unwrap the remaining cord from the wheel on the mechanism and you will see that its actually one cord that passes through the middle of the wheel before getting coiled around it.
Now we are starting from scratch.
Adjust the cord so that after passing through the small inner hole in the wheel, there is an equal amount hanging down on each side. (NOTE:Sometimes, but not always, Ive seen a small knot tied in the cord here to keep it from slipping through the little hole)
While holding the wheel in your hand, take ONE of the cords and wind it 3 or 4 times around the wheel and let it hang straight down.
Now take the other cord and wind it 3 or 4 times around the wheel in the OPPOSITE direction, letting the end hang down.
There is probably a plastic guide piece on the mechanism, that the hanging cords run through next. Run the cords back through like they came out. Your tilt mechanism is now "loaded".
Start by pushing the cord ends down through the punched-out hole in the headrail and follow by lowering and positioning/snapping the mechanism itself into that same hole. While holding the mechanism in place, slide the metal rod back through the side where it came out originally. It may be square sided, so line up the hole in order to push it through the mechanism. Tap the metal plate back onto the end of the headrail. Hang the blind back up.
Each cord should now be nearly even in length, and with 3-4 coils around the wheel in EACH direction, there should be enough rotation to give full closure up and down. Try it out, and if all is good, tie the pull knobs back onto the cord ends.
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This thread is 6 years old, but I wanted to post a thank you. The string in my tilt mechanism had lost it's knot and therefore was sliding freely thru the tilt mechanism. After reading your instruections, I was able to repair my blind in 5 minutes, after spending an hour trying to figure it out myself. Excellent and detailed instructions. Thanks again!
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Welcome to the forums, glad this worked for you.
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my blinds won't tilt

My faux wood horizontal blinds won't tilt anymore so we have to close them by swiping our hands against the slats several times to put them in a "closed" position. Then, we don't mess with them again until our daughter tries to peek out. Then...swipe again to close them. Any hope that we can fix this annoying problem?
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