repair sliding mechanism on vertical blind?


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repair sliding mechanism on vertical blind?

I have a set of vertical blinds that was pulled right to left from the closed position to the halfway open position by a child. Now the blinds will only slide open to that halfway point. It will slide closed all the way to the right. Rotation is not an issue either. I have looked at the track but nothing is obviously broken. I have scoured the internet for diagrams of the vertical blind mechanism but am unable to find any.

What do I need to adjust or reposition to fix this? Are there any website diagrams or library books that illustrate the mechanism? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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I can think of two causes for this kind of problem to a vertical blind, if it has a cord and chain.

1. When the vertical is pulled back it has a little plastic piece inside the headrail that slides to the stack side of the blind. That plastic piece service as a center support for the rod and cord. It is pulled back by a little bead clipped onto the cord. If that bead happened to go through the center support to the other side it would cause this. So, you may want to pull it back as far as possible and see if that center support is being held up by the bead, if so simple slide it back through the center support.

2. When you pull the vertical to the stack side one of the carrier straps might have gotten caught up with another carrier or strap. The way to check for this is to look inside the headrail in both the closed and open position and see if one of the plastic pieces attached to the carrier "strap" is bent in or bent out. The other way to check is to pull the vertical back to the point where it stops and also check and see if the carrier strap is being held up some way. Sometimes you can simply straight up the carrier strap and it will be fixed.

I do not know of any websites or librarys books that may illustrate the mechanism. I hope this helps.
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or, if the carriers are connected to each other by scissors instead of straps, one or two of the scissors may have broken and become jammed.
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I am looking for vertical blinds for a sliding door. Do you have suggestions where I might buy them economically? The size is 90X84. Thank you for any info you might have.
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