Roller Shutter Shaft Broken or Fell Down


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Roller Shutter Shaft Broken or Fell Down

Hello! I am new in this forum and I love doing & fixing my own stuff as everyone else here, especially if it's new and unknown ground I hope some of you could help me out in this one..
Small background: Had some water damage in the shutter box (whole box inside the house) coming from the roof and things started to go south from there. Roof leak has been fixed but now a new issue came up.

So the blind shutters in one of our rooms got stuck and I could not open them. First I thought it was just a matter of untangling the strap from above but once I opened the box I found what seems to be a bigger issue. The shaft that rolls the shutters fell down out of place i.e. out of the concrete whole it was in (apparently), and the shaft is now resting on the floor of the box.
I say apparently cause I have never seen a roller shutter installed this way: seemingly straight into the concrete of the building, and I have no clue how it was installed (old building); maybe another piece is embedded in the concrete and I just can see it because of this?

I have seen shutters being installed and the shaft is already mounted on plates which are then screwed into the wall/frame/etc., but this one seems to be straight up mounted in the structural concrete itself

In the pictures attached you can see the indoor box (basically rotted from water damage), the inclination of fallen the shaft (interestingly fell down on the right side), the left side of the shaft inserted into the concrete (i assume), and the left side resting on the box bottom (can't see behind it).

I have had zero luck on google and youtube so far.. This is newish territory for me so I would greatly appreciate any help, tips, corrections, etc. that you could provide to help me try fixing this shaft, or at least evaluating the situation by dismantling/taking down completely the shaft to see what might have happened back there; before having to call somebody if need be.

Thanks a ton in advance!
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Mod note: OP is from Italy.

Hello and welcome to the forum! We're a US based forum and AFAIK, these roll shutters are only used in commercial settings such as stores and garages here in the states. Maybe someone will be able to help you but not sure.
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I don't really know much about those shutters but I'm trying to figure out why there is only one spool on the right side. I'm thinking there should be one for each side. As I researched the problem it looks there may be only one spool which means you've lost the mounting for one side of your shutter shaft. It looks like there is a pile of crap there on the left side that needs to be cleaned.

I did come across an interesting video...... Shutter repair

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