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Talking Attic Stairs Family Project

My Dad and I are both very Type A emotional, passionate people, when things are good, they're real good, when they're bad, look out

When I was about 17, Dad and I were putting in a new set of attic stairs, the kind you pull down in the garage and extend the legs down, then climb up. Let me also say that Dad and I are both very cheap So, of course Dad buys the cheapest stairs he can and we begin the process of putting them in. The opening was not the same size, so dad had to cut the hole bigger....oh boy, not off to the greatest start....#[email protected])(#$*)@(. On to step 2, securing the stairs in place....ok....not so bad. Until the time to test by pulling them down came....pull the string, the whole things comes tumbling [email protected]#$)@(#*$)(@#$. Steaming and cussing, we manage to get the thing remounted...finally. We start pulling down the stairs and they DON'T fall down, far! But, as he got them fully extended and all the way pulled down we realized that garage ceiling was higher than normal, so the attic stairs were about 2 feet 2 short and didn't reach the [email protected]#$*)(!*@#$)(!*[email protected]$. He was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad.....but it was the funniest looking dang thing you've ever seen. So I called Mom over, put my arm around Dad and said "Well, another job well done, Bob Vila!".

He stopped....hung his head and started cracking was a hilarious ending to a tragic project....and a line we use on each other to this day (17 years later)....

"Another job well done, Bob Vila"
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Tim Allen is going to be jealous.

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