Busted pipe


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Busted pipe

What should have been a simple job of replacing the kitchen faucet turned into a little bigger one. First one of the fill hoses wouldn't go on straight so water would spray so reversed hoses so they would go on correctly then while removing the hoses from the shut offs one of the CPVC pipes breaks free from the T connection below the shut off hot water going everywhere under the sink. panicking then finally grabbed a crescent wrench and ran outside to turn the water off at the meter(trailer)which shuts all water off. after mopping cleaning moving everything out of the way went to the orange box store and got a new T and CPVC glue since I had to cut the 2 other pipes to remove the old T. I'm not sure if the pipe that broke was even glued or not enough glue I didn't see any of the old pipe in the T connection. Glued everything backup and so far is working fine. New faucet turns on easier handles are not stiff.
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I hate working on plumbing.

You didn't do anything to change my mind

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