Mud a flyin'


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Mud a flyin'

So a couple of years I removed all of the 1970's paneling my dad installed in our house and put in sheet rock. I finally got to the point of taping the joints so I would mix up some dura-bond. Well, I couldn't find my trusty Dewalt hand drill to mix the stuff so I grabbed our Craftsman super duper drill motor with locking switch to do the job. All was mixing well until I went to remove the paddle from the mud. I didn't realize that I had depressed the switch lock (it's located in such a place that it lines up perfectly with your trigger finger) thus locking the switch in the running mode. You can imagine what happened when I removed the paddle from the dura bond with the spinning paddle from the durabond; I got some it on the walls, on the ceiling, doors, but definitely not the way I had intended. Man, did that stuff fly! After I figured out what happened I shut the dang thing off. I think I was removing that stuff from walls for at least a month. Just when I thought I found all of it, nope, there's more. I think I laughed about that for a good week.

That's my story. Roger
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You definitely want to make sure you get it all, Durabond unlike regular j/c isn't water soluble and can be a bear to remove after it dries.

Glad you can see the humor in it I'd have been resurrecting all those words I try not to use anymore

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