Old Joke? New to me.


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Old Joke? New to me.

Today a "relic" (sweet old lady) walked in the store and saw me waiting at the cash register. Very slow day, very few customers. I had predicted that our customers today would consist of old ladies and people who needed to fix their toilets. I was pretty much on the mark. But I stray from the story.

She looks at me and said it seems you have nothing to do, so here is a joke to make your day. I say OK. Now keep in mind this is an old lady and seems very prim and proper.

Her joke:

An old lady walks into a restaurant and orders a B.L.T. N.T.

The waitress says she knows what a B. L.T. is but not N.T.

Old lady says Not Toasted.

Waitress says OK and serves the sandwich.

About twenty minutes later, said waitress asked the old lady how was the sandwich?

Old lady says very nice but S.O.B.

Waitress stutters a bit and repeats S.O.B.?

Lady says, soggy on the bottom.

Oh, says the waitress, then says S.H.I.T.

wait for it.........
Should've Had It Toasted!

I nearly busted a gut laughing as she walked away very smug. I love my customers.
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Good one but it brings up old anger issues for me. I love BLTs. Years ago I ordered one and they served it on untoasted bread. I complained and they pointed to the menu over the counter. I hadn't even bothered to look at the menu. It listed toast as extra for 50 more. I was so p.... guess I better stop here.
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"I'll have a chick-en sal-ad sandwich on whole wheat toast......"

[Jack Nicholson, for the confused readers].

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