No good deed goes unpunished


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Unhappy No good deed goes unpunished

So this past week my live in daughter was house sitting for our neighbor. She calls me last night and says the small cup used to catch the dripping from the hot water tank safety valve drop tube keeps overflowing. I told her most likely the safety valve was not seated properly and should be re-set. Her...???

I told her to come back home and I'll show you on our tank. So I flip the lever and let a little water come out and say this is what you do. This will flush any debris out of the valve seat. Her...??? I said I'll do it. So we go over to the neighbors house and I flush it out and reset the valve. All is dry for the night and no leakage.

What I did not do is check my own tank. Today I come home to see a flooded basement and a steady high rate drip from the safety vale .

Flush out about a gal of water and the dripping stopped. All is now dry!
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