My first (of several) major DIY screw-ups


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My first (of several) major DIY screw-ups

This happened back in 1979 when I built my first house. The basement walls were up and I was very excited to start framing. Got the plates on the block walls, laid out and set all the joists. Ready for floor sheathing! Started nailing down sheathing and the sheets weren't square...or so I thought as I cursed the manufacturer's lack of quality control. Did a lot of trimming to get proper purchase on the joists. The rest of the sheets were fine, so I forgot about it. It wasn't until I started putting drywall on the basement ceiling in that same area that I discovered the drywall wasn't square in that area either! What the heck was the problem?

Turns out it was my lack of joist layout skills. When I laid out the joists on one side, I made the 16" mark, then the X where the joist went. When I laid out the joists on the other side, I put the X on the wrong side of the mark! So the joists ran diagonally by 1-1/2" in their 12' span.

The lesson I learned: PAY ATTENTION, YOU IDIOT!!
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I think it is called the lesson of hard knocks. Built my kitchen cabinets and one side of upper cabinet I ran base to edge, other side I did it right side covers base so no base and seam showing. Nobody else sees it but drives me nuts. Only way to fix is to trim bottom or build a new corner cabinet.

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