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My burner started going on/off/on when it went on and now it goes on/off/on/off/on. other than this it works fine, it is a beckett burner. I do hear a click in the burner when it shuts off. thanks for your help.
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Your on/off/on/off/on/off problem burner needs added specific details.

Kindly elaborate on the symptoms. When this happens. What repairs were done recently. Be glad to offer you suggestions, help and or advice, if you would explain on what type of heating appliance, etc.

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sorry about the lack of info. I have a beckett burner that I have had serviced each of the 2 yrs. I've owned my home. (As a new homeowner I like to learn to do as many of my own repairs as possible) The burner always worked fine but recently when it kicks on it goes on, off, then on and continues to run fine. Now it has progressed to on/off/on/off/on then runs fine. I wish I could explain better, if you have any specific Q's maybe I can answer them. If it's not a major problem, I'd really like to avoid calling a pro. I can also tell you that the on/off/on/off/on is consistant every time the burner kicks on. That is, there seems to be a rhythm or pattern to it. Thanks again,Dan
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... forgot to add I have forced hot water and a weil mclain boiler .
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with oil in tank, burner, filters, nozzle, and pump screen o.k. problem most likely electrical. Oil burner primary most likely culprit given your on/off/on type problem.
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You should have a photo cell on there that senses the flame. They will get dirty and they can't see the flame good. Try taking it out and wipe it off.
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If it does it on about 1/2 second intervals, it may be the safety control as stated earlier. If this is your problem, it will be difficult to find without trying a new one. There is also a possibility that it could be caused by a zone valve if your stsrem has them. If it was a zone valve, you would also be getting a click from the aquastat at the same time.


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