Draining Radiator Heat System

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Draining Radiator Heat System

I have a home heating system that uses a boiler and hot water radiators for heat. I need to permenantly remove a radiator from one room. How do I drain the water from the system?
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Cool system drain

To drain your system first shut off the gas and electric to the boiler then shut the water fill valve off. Turn the thermostat off or to its lowest setting. Attach a hose to the boiler drain at the bottom of the boiler and open this valve. If you have air bleeders on your radiators open the ones that are highest in the system to let air in so not to draw a suction as the system empties. As the water level in the system lowers gradually open the bleeders on the remaining radiators.
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Drain Radiator

Hey..Thanks for the info.. Worked great.. Had no problems..
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Glad to hear all went well. You may have some residuial air remaining in pockets within the system just continue to bleed the rads. several times in the next few weeks. If you have a cold rad. this is a sure sign it is air locked.
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in the same thread...(pun intended) i have a similar problem. I want to drain my entire system before going away for a couple of weeks during the winter - rather than to leave the furnace on.

there are several shut-off/open-up places and one place that I could attach a hose to near the bottom of the furnace.

Is this a job that will be more complicated than it's worth? If not, any suggestions as to how? I'd even look at an internet site or something with a picture of the furnace. I don't want to risk missing draining something and then coming back to pipes that have burst.

I have baseboard radiators.

I can't figure out how to start a new thread, that's why I'm here.
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Draining Baseboard System

I advise against it for several reasons:
One of the worst things you can do to a boiler system is to add a buch of fresh water which you would need to do upon your return.
You risk not getting all of the water out & having a freeze up while you are gone.
When a house gets that cold, wood, vinyl, & ceramics all shrink. You could end up with cracked tiles etc. There is no harm in turning the thermostat down to 50 or so.
If your boiler is cast iron, you could end up with leaks due to shrinkage of the cast which may or may not seal upon reheating.

I suggest you have a friend, neighbor, or relative come over each day to check on the place. Leave them the names & numbers of your service people.

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