Leaky presure valve


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Leaky presure valve

My inline hot water gas boiler is leaking from the presure valve. I replaced the valve with the identical one, replaced the sealed expansion tank but I still have to much presure. How sould I trouble shoot this further.
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What does the temp and psi gauge say on the boiler now. You say new expansion tank??? bladder tank or not???? the air ok on the bladder side when you put it in???? Did you put a new auto fill in with that pop off valve. This is where Id start. Turn water off.let water out to about 15 to 18 lb bleed all base board and make sure I had water at them . turn water back on and see if it fills up on you. That pressure valve should go at 30 psi thats to much for that boiler. Info info it helps ED
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The only 2 other items I can think of are the automatic water feeder and the domestic hot water coil. It isn't uncommon for the automatic feed valve to fail and allow a small amount of water to continuously feed into the system until it reaches 30 psi and the relief valve opens. If that has been isolated and the problem continues, it could be a leak in the domestic hot water coil (if you have one). Water from the city water pressure inside the coil leaks into the boiler and overfills it. That is less common but I see one or two every year.


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